Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sweet Treats-Polymer Clay Cupcake Tutorial

 This week I got a new mold for making cupcakes from MiniatureSweet on Etsy. It's silicon so you can bake in it but I was so excited to be making cupcakes, I couldn't wait any longer.

My inner sweet tooth took over and I was on a roll. I had a blast and even better these tasty treats were really each to make.
Put pastel color in mold

I started off using a cupcake base mold. I decided to indulge in actually buying the mold since no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get a regular base. This mold made all the difference.

I filled the mold with pastel color to make it look like a cupcake wrapper. I didn't quite fill it all the way but then I pushed the clay against the edges, in the case of molds - less is more.

Add Chalk for baked look

I left the base in the mold mainly to keep its shape and also to keep the icing from getting all over the place. I took a small circle of ecru and pressed it on the top of the base, pressing down the edges to give a rounded shape.

Then I used a toothbrush texture the top, just tapping it all across and added a little brown chalk to give it backed look.

Now for the fun part - the icing! I wanted a natural fluffy icing. It is easy to make but takes some patience. I mixed pink polymer clay icing cut up into very small bit with about the same amount of liquid polymer clay and mixed - this takes a while and you'll probably need to add more liquid clay as you go along. I left it a little chunky to give it some texture.

Ok THIS is the fun part decorating the cupcake. Notice the cupcake is still in the base. As you can see in picture above- the dark pink has some icing on the side.

Using a toothpick I dotted the icing on and and swirled until it looked right to me. Now I took it out. The mold is really flexible and didn't need any release material like water or cornstarch. I just flexed it a little and the cupcake popped out.  You know, it wasn't until I started writing that I realized that this is really unusual compared to so many other molds I have- and tend not to use.

After I popped it out I added some sprinkles, I make those by baking some very thin snakes and then cutting them up. It worked better than unbaked sprinkles. To make it a charm, just add an eye pin before baking.

My sweet tooth can't get enough - get out my shop for more charms

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