Sunday, May 3, 2015

Making a Doll - Fail

In my last post, I went through some of my early steps in making this doll. She 's not quite finished but she is close. Her clothes aren't finished yet but she already has quite personality. I find my self thinking of Magrat - one of the witches from Terry Pratchett's Disc world books. Magrat would be a little younger but she had the wild hair and the country spirit. She was the youngest in the coven of 3 witches, eventually she is known as powerful with in her own right. "All but for a missing letter and her life would have been so different."

I need to add some pizzazz to the clothes, I hand sewed all the garments so far, she has a white petticoat with lace trim sticking out. I added a little ruffle of purple on her shirt and a waist band on her skirt but now interesting details await. Magrat was a herbalist and was into the occult and occult jewelry so I will keep that in mind as I add accessories.

So how to I get to here from this?

First step gluing the hands and feet on, then filling out the body with some aluminum foil and then wrapping the wrapping the doll with quilt batting for a soft body. This is when I really start to see it coming together, all that's left is to dress her. That sounded so simple until I really got down to deciding what to have her wear and then finding the supplies. I wound up dying the skirt since all I couldn't find a color I liked.

Now to clean it all up, clean up the seams, fix her hair, accessorize to make her special. She stands about 11 inches tall and stands on her own. So far this is the largest doll I made, now I want to make it the best one as well. The real mark will coming in the finishing details.

And this was the result

To me,  basically a fail. This is not way I hoped for but I learned a few things but mainly she is going into my box and staying there. The hands were too big, the face seemed wrong. It may not be one I sell but I learned a little, much of it what not to do.

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