Sunday, May 3, 2015

Finding Inspiration at home

Polymer clay Urban Setting Wall Hanging

One take away from my class with Christi freisen two weeks ago was if you want to explore, you have to just create and not worry so much about what am I going to do with it after. With that in mind I've been letting my self just work in whatever size of shape I needed. Most stuff has been the size of mini wall hanging. Working without worrying if it will sell or what will I do with it, has been freeing. I've forgotten how fun that can be.

I'm also a city girl. I am not in an concrete jungle, there are lots of trees in my city and I am sitting in my backyard right now. I wanted to get across the beauty that is here. There is concrete and rust and noise but there is a lot to love. I find that forgotten in a lot of work. Nature is beautiful maybe even more so when you see it can still survive and peak through all that man has made.

I like where I am and as beautiful as the country is, I enjoy the city. I just want to share this beauty.

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  1. If you look hard enough beauty can be found everywhere. I'm glad you can find it in the city you live in.


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