Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dying Yarn with Food Colors

I finished my needles out of the closet a few months ago and have been having fun knitting up a storm. I've gotten fussier with the yarns I want to use - I really don't want to use acrylic, I just don't like the way the colors look. I've bought some skeins of wool and wool blends but wool yarn often can get expensive and too often I don't find the colors I'm looking for anyway.

I do have about 3 lbs of Fisherman's Wool from Lion's Brand that I bought several years ago that is sitting there but it is just unbleached and I couldn't get excited over it. I've seen a number websites about dying with KoolAid and I figured I'd try it. Looking around I found this site and they added in food coloring as well for an idea, especially since the Lime (for green is really hard to find). This site had lots of great ideas but was light on the actual technique. On Instructables, I found this article for the how-tos of dying with food color.

So putting them together, I bought some Wilton's food coloring at Micheal's, about 10 dollars for 8 colors and picked up so vinegar. When I got home I found some other food dye as well. I had fun this afternoon playing colors in a new way. I mostly single colors and some like the pink and the orange seem very close. The brown is the exception here. when I got done, I had too much orange and wanted to try something else. I took the orange and then used the Wilton Purple to dye it again to get brown.

So now I have a rainbow of yarns to knit with and also some ideas for overdyeing so of the icky colors I have sitting around. I have 2 more pounds of fingerman's wool too. Even better, the dyeing process itself, softens up the wool.

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  1. Beautiful colors, Susan. Must try your techniques.
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