Saturday, March 28, 2015

Planning Sad Doll

I was searching for a new idea for a doll and struggling making heads. I decided until I got head I was happy with, I wasn't going to start building the doll. It's easier to build the proportions about the head than vice versa. Besides the head is the hardest part and I'd rather get than done first.

I was working intently on the head but wasn't sure of what the next step would be. My husband joking said they remind me of "sad girl in snow" which he said was an anime meme but the idea hit me as perfect. I checked a few images for it, just for some inspiration and quickly came up with this sketch. I realized I could do a soft body with polymer clay hands and  legs with boots on them.

I thought first of a winter coat but since I knit I decided a bulky sweater would work possibly a teddy bear. I have fleece and know how to needle felt. The hands will have mittens. Should I make them from polymer clay or make small knitted one, that's still up in the air.

But I have I a plan at least, which is more than I usually do plus I finished the head, I got lips down but sculpting the eyes is giving me so much trouble so finally I decided to leave them and paint them in after. I can sort of do them but they never match and tend to look off. Since eyes are such a focal point, I want them to look good no matter how they are done.

 So I actually have a plan and the beginnings of the head, now to build the rest and dress her. Sounds so simple that way doesn't it?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anabelle - creepy new doll

Anabelle came out just like I wanted her too. There is no I like her "sorta"; no I am really happy how she came out. She's right on the line of creepy- cute. Her long black hair and eyes just seem to add to it. She is jointed so she doesn't stand on her own but a stand is included. Red striped tights just complete the look.

La da da da -- she is haunting. I listed her on ebay on March 19 to see if she sells. Wish me luck and check her out.