Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Untangling the Knots

[caption id="attachment_1725" align="alignleft" width="300"]Untangling the knots in your life Untangling the knots in your life[/caption]

I seem to get a odd joy out of untangling yarn or sorting out my beads when they get all messed up. And those messes seem to just build up. Yarn is particularly bad. No matter how hard you try, you always seem to get tangles and knots some where.


My last knitting project is the prefect example of that. It was only a one skein project so it seems so unlikely that it get messed up but it did. Worse the problem started with how I rolled the yarn originally so unless I wanted to cut the yarn and reattach, I just had to work my way through it. It was expensive yarn and lacy pattern so cutting it didn't seem like a good idea. So I worked through it massaging and softening up when the tangles got tight.


Those tangles in my yarn seem like the tangles in my life. Sometimes the tangles are problems from the start, other happen later. How you deal with the issue can depend on what you have and the situation you are in. Will I cut it off or work through the tangles and issues slowly and painstakingly. That feeling of triumph when you untangle a mess can be so intriguing, it takes more attention to the original project.


How often does that happen in life as well?


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