Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goals for the New Year

polymer clay blue tile mosaic box

I have none. There I finally said it - I don't have any real goals beyond to continue how I'm going along and trying to do better at what I am already doing..  Imagine, Explore, Hope.

That sounds cynical but I am tired of setting goals I know I can't control - get a job that lasts for 5 years, I can keep looking and taking what comes but beyond that.... or goals I know I won't meet or even really try to - lose 50 pounds, exercise daily or even regularly. I know my limitations by now, it seems foolish to set goals that I know I will fail at.

What I do plan to do is keep working at my crafts - knitting and sculpting and being creative. I will enjoy my life and my family. I want to keep pushing myself to be creative and productive, having a blog and running a store keeps me striving to do more and also to keep up writing and forcing me to think a little.

My biggest goal is to live life to its fullest and enjoy each day. I want to be with the people I love and live to see another day. Sure there is stuff that could be better but most of those don't make too much of a difference. So I say - cheers and enjoy the new year, I will.

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