Friday, October 25, 2013

Polymer Clay Faux Zippers

[caption id="attachment_1681" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Zipper Pendants Zipper Pendants[/caption]

Once I learned how to make a zipper in polymer clay, I was off to have some fun. These pendants are a blast to make. Using old canes to make polymer clay fabric and then texture some material for the zipper and place the teeth for the zipper. The real fun is choosing the colors and designs that would well together.

I've been playing with canes I hated and came up with good results. The pendant with the yellow zipper was made using a stroppel cane - they are mostly vertical and I didn't like how bright it was or the straight lines. I cut slices and placed them randomly.

Adding details like texturing the fabric and seams and a patina on some has added to fun. I spent the time to finish them really well so each is fabulous from and back (at least to me) Check them out in my FantasyClay Zibbet store.


  1. Seems like a great way to use leftovers from another projects. And they look stunning, I love that brown and green one!

  2. Wow - you've got some skill! Love them!


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