Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Get the Books Out

[caption id="attachment_1663" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Polymer Clay Miniature Book charms Polymer Clay Miniature Book charms[/caption]

Now that everyone is back to school it's time to hit the books. Forget those shiny new text books for some old wizards book charms. I personally love to read and I always love those old musty books, those heavy hard covered ones that have been sitting in the library for the past 50 years. They have that special smell that no Kindle can match.

I truly love to read and love books. I wanted to celebrate those books from yesteryear. Those big heavy books with gold binding and heavy covers. Each one seems to be something special. No flimsy soft covers, each book was cherished and shared and saved. My favorite find has been a text book for the mid 1800s. It goes from basic arithmetic to trig. Somebody used it for a long time and it was meant to last.

Going back even further to those books from the days when a large library meant you owned 100 books because they were so precious because each was hand copied and decorated so each was treasure. I always think of Merlin and his books of spells.


That's why I made these book charms. I want to celebrate books, real books. I know ebooks and Kindles are here to stay, in fact I caved and got one, they are so convenient. But they are so lacking the grace of those old volumnes

These charm help you celebrate this. They come with a jump ring so they are ready to slip on a chain to where as pendant. The bibliophile in me constantly nags me that I've sold out by using a Kindle. This way I can show my love for the real thing. I have these listed in my FantasyClay shop. There are more coming, these are addictive.

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