Friday, September 6, 2013

Art Doll - Wizard in Training

Herrmione  Polymer Clay Art Doll

This little wizard in training took all my energy for several weeks. I kept trying for a face I liked and one that was realistic, not so charactery. I finally finished her but then the face didn't match the sweet fairy I was thinking of. I just couldn't capture that so being my usual self, I modified the project to fit what I had. She had a fierceness I like but how to costume her.

I definitely wanted the red hair. I just felt drawn to it. I didn't want to do a witch, then I remembered Harry Potter and wizards, and thought Hermione. From there, I just needed to put the pieces together. She minds me a little of my niece. She has the same nose and that same look of forcefulness. I listed her in my Etsy shop here if you want a better look or if you want to share your home with her.

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