Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Teaching Pixy Class

[caption id="attachment_1514" align="aligncenter" width="405"]Pixies Pixies[/caption]

I had the thrill of getting to do a class teaching pixies in the New York Polymer Clay Guild.  We take turns sharing what we know, this month was my turn. We had a small group this month but that made it more fun.  It turned out that most people in this group hadn't done much sculpting - even those who were long time clayers - so this was a fun project.

I had a great time teaching, I really get a thrill sharing what I love and it made me feel good that others wanted to try this. The project seemed simple but it had a lot to teach about proportions and working with light colored clay. It's funny how much you learn from teaching.

I do so much sculpting and had since I was a kid, I didn't realize imagining a figure in 3d was not as easy to others as I thought. It's almost like when I discovered the idea of variables in math wasn't as obvious to others. I guess we all learned something.

I especially love the way everyone's is different and shows unique talent. One expert caner used a butterfly cane for wings or the cute beret. I can't wait to teach again.



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