Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creativity Block

[caption id="attachment_1319" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Watercolor Striped Polymer Clay Pendant[/caption]


I have been stuck recently, creatively speaking. I think I was trying to hard to create a finished product and as a result, I wasn't getting much done at all. I went through tutorials, other people's work but since I was just following instructions - I really felt like I was cheating. One benefit was one project really got me working on cleaning up my workspace. My son's advice - keep it clean like a laboratory - has actually helped things flow a little better.

Today I finally put away all books and the magazines and just decided to see what happens. I started with some scrap clay and made a Stroppel cane and made it into a spiral. I just played around with the same colors and made several pieces.

I got piece finished completely and actually listed in my shop. I used strips of clay that were marbled together and reversed them to get the striped look. I really love the soft water colory look to the colors.


Friday, September 14, 2012

I have been sooo busy!!!


Wicked Witch poseable artdollI have been busy trying to set up my own store. I'm trying to get it up in the next week or two. Lordy, I didn't realize how much work this was going to be, especially pictures. I know I'm bitching now but some of my earlier pictures are sooooo bad. I've come a long since I started in 2006 on Etsy - those were done by laying them down on the scanner or the web cam I had. Eeeek.

My work has improved a bit too but that's just me feeling good about myself. I keep pushing for one more step. My husband now is taking over as my QC guy since he is so particular about details. He can kind an smudge or detail on anything. He decided to do this because he was annoyed that I left a fingerprint on a piece of jewelry I asked his to look at. Another improvement.

So there has been so much going on I haven't had a chance to post. I didn't even realize I hadn't. Plus I've been creating so much, I forget to go on the computer