Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Tree Grows out of Clay





This week's use of scrap clay went in the other direction -  a large sculpture (at least for me) I have a lot of browns or near browns, a tree seemed the perfect use for this. I showed a similar tree I made a few weeks ago but that one looked so lifeless. It get a use - a friend used in her aquarium with good results.This time though I wanted to make it magical and full of life.

This view shows the birds, mushrooms, moss and flowers. All the leaves were made separately - it just was thinking of how you see a tree - all different shades of green and the easiest way to have all the greens was to just make leaves. Green is my second most abundant color.

This side is a little less filled with flowers but there is a fairy door for the little creatures to hide. I had a lot of fun making it - add a little touch here, lots of simple shapes that are all different colors and details, even a little red door saddle. This magical tree is available in my Fantasy Clay shop

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