Saturday, July 14, 2012

Polymer Clay Stamped Hearts

Polymer Clay Faux Metal Hearts

I've just been doing some simple project while my arm is sore again. Yes it came back, again. I finally went to the radiologist like my doctor told me to a month ago. I think it's probably a pinch nerve but that does help much if it still hurts. It been keeping me from doing any real sculpting. So I have been doing some stuff that I didn't need to stress my hands with. A couple of days without clay makes me antsy.

These stamped hearts are the result. I stamped them and then used mica powders in different ways to get different effects. Like dark on light, light on dark. That's the fun part of using them- you can put on a touch for a light shimmer or cover the whole think to make color the whole thing.

I was going to make them gift tags but now I'm leaning towards necklaces. I think they could work for either but they may sell better as necklaces. Not sure.

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