Thursday, June 21, 2012

Waves of Blue

My favorite color schemes are always analogous - just shades of related colors. It is was too hot to move today but I started playing my beads. I have way to many but nothing really fancy, mostly glass and some inexpensive crystals and fresh water pearls. I just wanted to play around. I found some memory wire lying around and decided to just string beads to make a bracelet, later I made a matching necklace.

I love the random look of the colors and shapes - the beads are from all over, even other jewelry. The light blue stones actually can from a cheap bracelet I bought last year on the street in NY.  It was about 3 dollars but the stones were pretty and of course it broke right away.

So I tossed everything together and except for having to go buy memory wire for the necklace, about $3, I now have a pretty summery jewelry set to wear whose colors and shapes inspire me to play with more colors and shapes.

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