Saturday, June 18, 2011

Patterns in Polymer

Purple and green polymer clay beadsI love playing with new techniques and ideas with polymer clay, there are so many different even basic techniques to to try, it is taking me forever to get to them.

Often I'll see something I want to try: surfaces techniques, miniatures, colors and on and on. So often, I will buy a book with the best intentions but don't get to really making anything with it, never mind actually trying it.

This time it was different. I bought Patterns in Polymer by Julie Picarello. I can't help myself, I keep buying more and more books. While some books make me ooo and ahh over the pretty creations, too often like I said, I read them and put them aside

Patterns in Polymer just deals with what she calls imprints in polymer clay. It is more like a modified mokume game, which I haven't really done either, but the beauty and apparent ease of it made me have to tried. I haven't tried much but basic technique making the stacks of different colors of  clay, imprinting a design and then cutting slices off the top. Which seems pretty simple, except cutting an even slice, but Julie Picarello devotes an entire book to this. Just learning about her mix for Jecru  (ecru, translucent and pearl) that she uses to mix so many colors is worth the cost of the book. She gives a basic recipe for the colors she uses in the her projects.

The pieces I made up top were from my first attempt. I also used the slices with a Cabezels mold to make the cabochon and bezel on the right side. I want to keep doing this. It was like a palette cleanser, it was so easy and comfortable to try on a Friday night.


  1. I LOVE these colors! I'm very curious about your craft. I got my skully earrings and my wonderful little witch today. I need to read up on the basics because they are too amazing for me not to know where they came from! Thanks!

  2. Glad you like these enough to want to try using polymer clay. It is so versatile, everyone can find something they like


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