Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make friends from Polymer Clay

My Polymer Clay FriendsMaking friends is easy when you have polymer clay. I have such a collection of figures and animals I've made in polymer clay. This is just a tiny selection. I can't fit them all in one shot.

I think my favorites are the silly, goofy ones, not always the cute ones. I don't think I'll ever get tired of making figures even when I experiment with different techniques and make some practical stuff, I still always get drawn to these little guys.

They're cute, often quick to make and all fun to do. Take a basic idea and then run with it. Most of them fit into a few basic shapes:

  • A hershey kiss with arms and legs, like the pixies

  • Simple ball will added pieces to make animals

  • A thick snake to start a dragon.

  • Lump to make critters

These shapes cover most of the simple pieces. From there add details, use different colors, some embellishment, beads or buttons and you have a the beginnings of something good. Starting with these basics, anyone can going really far. It's like being a kid, just playing and having fun.

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