Sunday, May 29, 2011

Down for the Count- Sprained Wrist

I am out of the game for a few days at least for polymer clay. Some lady cut me off getting off the subway Friday morning with one of those stupid rolling briefcases. I went flying, landed on my wrist and elbow. My elbow is sore but pretty muck ok by now.

My wrist is another story. And worse it is my left hand (I'm a lefty) so I feel totally out of it. The is a bruise at the base of my palm where I landed and my whole hand is basically out of commission. I finally can type a little with both hands but I can really only move the fingers. The whole side,going from just above my wrist to my pinkie are just not doing anything and any pressure just makes me yelp.

Nothing is broken and I am just bruised but I can't even think of claying. If I can't hold a fork or grab any thing or put pressure on it, sculpting is out of the question until I am feeling better. Worse part is my husband saying, you only have one more day to get better (I do have Monday off though) so I better hurry I up. Like I have a coice in the matter. Besides I worked all day Friday, just typing one handed and keeping an ice pack on the left hand.

Your hands are most important tool in polymer clay, being without one, and it being the dominant one, really is frustrating.


  1. How awful, so glad you haven't broken anything, I hope you recover very soon. It really is frustrating when you can't work!

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