Sunday, April 17, 2011

_Is your white clay too white?

I guess it's all the brides I've been doing but I've noticed nearly white I've tried, the white is just too opaque, which can be great for mixing with other colors but alone it can be overwhelming. I mean we all know white picks up everything and can become a mess but I've started to realize the opacity may be part of my problem, especially after I tried Cernit for Dolls, white. It has a much softer, semi translucent look to it but it's not really white enough and anyway I still had several pounds of Premo white that I wasn't going to just toss.

This may not be a new idea but I decided to try just mixing translucent to my white. Often a half and half mix, sometimes I vary it depending on how bright a white I need. Flowers get more translucent, black and white designs often do call for that pure white for contrast.

Like I said, plenty of people are probably already saying duh! but to me it was a cool discovery that added some softness and realism to my work


  1. Great idea! I know exactly what you mean. I haven't worked with polymer clay in a while but I do remember that sometimes the white just looked too much like a white crayon or something :) I'll have to try your tip the next time the clay starts calling my name...thanks!

  2. I hardly use pure white and have created several of my own "mixes" that I use. I do the same with my black and a few other neutrals as well. Adding transluscent is one of the things I add to my white especially.


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