Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Polymer With Personality

One of my favorite things I love about polymer clay is making these critters. Each one has a personality of its own. I've tried but I never can reproduce them. This one looks slighlty devilish and a little sneaky. I don't remember what I was trying for but this is what came out.

These critters are especially fun because unlike many of the other creatures I made, the face really makes the critter; the body is kind of formless so it's all on the personality.

I can play with colors, get silly and just make up friends. I don't list too many of these- they don't seem to sell but they are still some of my favorite things to make. It's more than doodling with clay, maybe fun sketching. They can be anything I want and they can be as silly, sad, mad as they want to be. Honestly I don't have any say on how they turn out.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

_Is your white clay too white?

I guess it's all the brides I've been doing but I've noticed nearly white I've tried, the white is just too opaque, which can be great for mixing with other colors but alone it can be overwhelming. I mean we all know white picks up everything and can become a mess but I've started to realize the opacity may be part of my problem, especially after I tried Cernit for Dolls, white. It has a much softer, semi translucent look to it but it's not really white enough and anyway I still had several pounds of Premo white that I wasn't going to just toss.

This may not be a new idea but I decided to try just mixing translucent to my white. Often a half and half mix, sometimes I vary it depending on how bright a white I need. Flowers get more translucent, black and white designs often do call for that pure white for contrast.

Like I said, plenty of people are probably already saying duh! but to me it was a cool discovery that added some softness and realism to my work

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Cake Toppers

Wrestling Wedding Cake Topper

I finished another wrestling couple cake topper, with two more in the works. Who'd have thunk this would be so popular an item! Now that I've got a rhythm with these they are actually fun to make. I build the characters over ultralight Sculpy so they are light enough for the most delicate of cakes. I seem to be getting so many requests for these I added a link to my artfire shop to order a Wrestling Cake Topper . It is for the down payment so the bride doesn't have to pay the full price until she is satisfied with the finished item.

I customize each, this bride wanted an alabaster dress with some draping. Her cake had bright pink and black bows, so we decided to coordinate the topper.

I'd like to try some other characters or different styles so if you are looking for something special, just contact me in my artfire shop