Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Polymer Clay Preferences

After getting it together with the unicorn and swearing I had had enough, I then went and started a new one today, this one in blue. It's always an easier color to work with than white.As I was working I started to think about why I enjoy what I am doing.

Polymer Clay Bulls eye Heart

I realized that even though I love the way cane work looks, the colors can be stunning and the finished way absolutely stunning, I really don't enjoy much at all. Even with a really simple to bulls eye cane, it feels like pulling teeth.

Polymer Clay Leprachaun

On the other hand, sculpting has so much allure to me. I love shaping and squishing, adding details, adding texture. I especially love while I am working, my pieces start to feel like they have a character of their own as they come together.

There are other techniques and items that I absolutely love the look of and really am impressed by but maybe I should just focus on my strengths. Jewelry is not one of them, I like making beads and focal beads but putting it all together seems beyond me. I know this is the opposite of what I was saying at the beginning of the month but I am not closing myself off to new ideas but plan to hone my talent where I enjoy using it most.

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