Friday, December 17, 2010

--Getting Started with Polymer Clay

If you never tried polymer clay, it's time to jump in and just have some fun and not worry it you are doing it right or making great work, just enjoying it. It's not an expensive hobby to try- I'd suggest buying 9 bars are clay to start - the basic crayon colors- red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple and also a brown, white and black.

There are lots of polymer clays out there, I would suggest Premo, it is stronger than Sculpy 3, easy to work with and you can find it in any Michael's, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby. You can also buy it online, PolymerClayExpress sells it at $2.00 a bar and is always fresh. If you buy it in a store, squeeze the bar, it should give at least a little- if it doesn't, it's not fresh and you should probably pass it by if it is really hard.

 As for tools, when you are your hands and needle tool or even toothpick will work. A slicing tool helps too, tissue blades are great but very sharp, there are also round metal cutters if you don't want to risk cuts. The only other thing is to be sure to have a cookie sheet or pan you won't use for food again. Polymer clay bakes at about 270F, you can use your own oven, some people suggest making a tent of aluminum foil over the items.

That's it for tools and materials, then you can jump in and start to play. Squish the clay, see what other colors you can make. You can pick up some easy tutorials online and simple books in your local craft store. I found it fun to make cute creatures in the beginning. I started out because this looked like a fun to for my son and we both fell in love with it. Even if you just have fun making teddy bears like I did for years, nothing feels as good as working with your hands and maybe it can be a way to connect with someone you love.

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