Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking for Something Special?

Faux Demin Mini Vessel
Is there someone in your life that is impossible to buy for? For me, it is my mom. By now she seems to have everything and then some. Over the years, she seems to have picked up all sorts of stuff, so finding something different can be a trick. I always want to give her something that will stand out and be unique.

A few years ago, I came upon the answer. Giving an unique handmade gift means I know she won't have it all ready. is filled with all sorts of specialties, not just handmade but vintage gifts and indie designer items. I've come across handmade tea pots to luxurious bath supplies to striking jewelry and everything in between.

Christmas is still a little bit a way but I tend to start early I have so many gifts to get and so many people who are difficult to shop for. Sometimes the hardest part of shopping handmade is stopping myself from buying to much.  For all those people in your life who you want to give something more to, handmade can be the way to go and Artfire has something for everyone and they make it easy for you. No need to sign up for an account like other handmade venues, you can buy without every having to make up a password or user name. If you have a special request, you can contact any artisan without signing up as well.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that not only can one sell there but I can start shopping for all the special people in my life now before the crazy time of year and that way I can have a fabulous stress reduced holiday time!!!


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