Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green Dragon Scupture for Challenge

Green Dragon by FantasyClay
Each month the Artfire Polymer Clay Guild has a challenge; this month the theme is medieval. What could be a better theme. It does have to be a new item in the store, made just for the challenge. Sometimes I cheat and use an item I had never bothered to list before, but shhhh, that's my secret. This month however, I was inspired to try something push myself and try something more.

Ok so dragons aren't actually new for me but this one is quite a bit larger than usually and isn't just laying on the ground. He's up off the ground- yes I'm pushing myself using armature more and each scale was applied separately. Took a long time but relaxing in a way. 

I had fun making him, I admit to having some inspiration from Dinko Tilov's books but I think I added a enough of myself to make him special.

Don't worried, he doesn't bite, I've noticed the green dragons tend to be pretty easy going, unlike their very fierce red brethren.


  1. Susan this guy is just amazing! You always get so much character into your pieces!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  2. He's fantastic - good luck with the challenge!


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