Sunday, July 18, 2010

? 8 Ways Not Act Old Refuted

Waiting for an appointment, I read a magazine and stumbled across an article "100 Ways not to Act Old". Some seemed obvious but most of them seemed to just annoying. Maybe because I do do them or because they were seemed just foolish or they seemed like it was just to make believe you have Gen Y.  I'll be honest, I'm on the oldest end of GenX (I'm not afraid to say I turned 44 this year)

Compiling all these list, here are a few and my thoughts on them. What do you think?

1. Don't wear a watch, young people use their cell phone for the time.  
Personally I've been wearing a watch since I started college when I realized there were bells to change classes and clocks except in class rooms. Yes I'm attached to my cell phone too but it easier just to look down then pull out my phone.

2. Don't leave voice mail messages.
The young thing to leave a text message. Well this only works for cell phones and if you are working in an office, VM is the only way to go. If working in a real job, makes me old, I'd rather be old.

3. Don't eat or make pot roast.  
Pot roast is yummy and a great comfort food, even the list I found it on admitted that. Why give up an easy, yummy meal because it might seem old?

4. Don't lust after the lifeguard.   
Damn what are lifeguards for anyway. Admittedly he is too young for you but if you are just looking, why not? Guys do it all the time.

5. Don't listen to Springsteen.
I assume they mean anyone from that time Billy Joel is my addiction.Although there is the caveat you can listen in private but don't let people know. One secret, my 16 year old complained she liked my music(even though she found it on her own) because it was easier to listen too and actually made sense. Maybe we're just ahead of the curve on this one.

6. Email is old. 
IM or text instead. Again, if you work in a grown-up world or want to have a record of it, try living without email.

7.  Break That Saturday Night Sex Routine 
Actually it is no one's business when you have sex, so plan or don't plan- just enjoy it.

 8. Don't Tweet anything or have a Facebook status that gives away your age.
If you are using Twitter or Facebook for fun, and it should be, why try to hide who you are

 There were a few that make sense but more because they are good advice for anyone, although admittedly older people seem to be more guilty of some of these.

1.When someone is waiting for your parking spot, don't take forever to pull out. 
2. Enough With The Seinfeld, Already!  
Good god, it's been off the air for almost 15 years, get over it.
3. Don't drink Cosmos. 
They were a silly drink anyway that didn't taste very good anyway.
4. Don't tweet about every detail of your or your kids' lives.  
It's harsh but no one really cares.
5. Get comfortable with technology
6. Don't drive 40 mph in the left lane.

Trying to act like you are still a kid when you are twice as old as them, just makes you seem older. My sister is still claiming she is 25 when she is past 40. It seems more pathetic than young. Stay on top of things - keep up with the world and be able to use the technology and keep learning. 

But if you are coming up on middle age or beyond, you should have learned to be comfortable in your own skin by now. Who are you trying to impress? Are you still wearing stilettos to the office everyday to impress the other girls (yes those early 20's are girls). You know what is right for you by know, run with it.

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  1. WEll just don't eat and you won't have to worry about pot roast or any of the other stuff either.



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