Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishy Wall hanging for Challenge

This month Oceans was the Polymer Clay Smoosher's Challenge theme. I was so backed up getting it done because I was busy getting ready for AnimeNext. I made so many figures and anime items, I had no time for anything else. I now have tons of anime characters since I didn't sell much. Making this wall hanging felt like nirvana because it felt so organic. I was free to go where I wanted with it and I could just let it flow out. Colors could blend and come apart, seaweed could squiggle. 

This felt so good after making figures someone else had designed and there was a look I had to achieve - think of drawing SpongeBob, everyone knows what he is supposed to look like. If you made a SpongeBob, you have to make it look like SpongeBob. I can make those figures but I'd rather not. Although I did learn a bit more about doing armatures making so many but that is a subject for another day.

So here is my piece for the Smoosher's challenge, it should go up  on Smoosher Guild Blog tomorrow. I hope I entered it on time but even if I didn't I had fun making it. I love smooshing the clay.

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