Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What should I be making?

This weekend I sold this little beauty, a steampunk dragon I made in January, so it's really not that long. The flip side is I have lots of dragons and I've only sold a few(less than 5). I love making them and doing creative things like that, as you've seen I've also finally started just making them as jewelry. I admit, like this it doesn't really seem to have much useful value.

Then this weekend not only did I sell a set of meeples(which are made to order) but also the complete set which put the price tag over 250. My husband wants me to concentrate on the items that sell - like the meeples and more anime charaters. I don't mind the sales at all, basically they support my habit, yes I am an addict. For now I guess I will continue on as I am going but I wish my items, the ones I really make up, would sell me. Maybe this dragon sale is a precursor.

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  1. Do a bit of both - if you love dragons you have to keep making them! Make the other items to support your craft -I think the steampunk dragon is fantastic!Best of luck!


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