Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome Summer Time

Memorial day weekend marks the beginning of the summer season. It's time for beaches and pools and BBQs. I'll admit here the beach weather doesn't real roll in until the end of June but people start going down the shore (hey I'm from Jersey, it's the shore, not the beach). Time to hit the waves and play in the sand.

So enjoy your weekend, honestly we know we're thinking 3-day weekend and summer is coming, not really remembering, but what the hee-haw, this is the USA!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

---Art for Therapy

Today I'm going to an Art Therapy day, I've been going on and off since the mid 90's, although there was a about a 5 year break at one point. Usually I go up with my mom. It's run by a really nice woman, Sr. Bridget. It's creative, relaxing, spiritual. I usually leave with some bad art artwork but lots of good feelings. It's even helped me work out some issues, so there is some point to it. I'm like that fairy gazing into the sky- wondering but not knowing. That's how each of these days start. You don't need to be an artist to do artwork, when it flows, it just feels good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What should I be making?

This weekend I sold this little beauty, a steampunk dragon I made in January, so it's really not that long. The flip side is I have lots of dragons and I've only sold a few(less than 5). I love making them and doing creative things like that, as you've seen I've also finally started just making them as jewelry. I admit, like this it doesn't really seem to have much useful value.

Then this weekend not only did I sell a set of meeples(which are made to order) but also the complete set which put the price tag over 250. My husband wants me to concentrate on the items that sell - like the meeples and more anime charaters. I don't mind the sales at all, basically they support my habit, yes I am an addict. For now I guess I will continue on as I am going but I wish my items, the ones I really make up, would sell me. Maybe this dragon sale is a precursor.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks for the Kicks - It work!

Thanks for the boot in the butt, it seems to have paid off, I made of bunch of new stuff, took pictures, even better made three sales. I also decided to get off my ass and actually sign up for a real craft show. I've been nervous about it.

I thought this necklace looked cool. I made it using a tutorial from Christi Freisen. My daughter says steampunk is out but I love the old industrial look. I now just have to go and list all this stuff on artfire and make a buch of meeples.

Thanks everybody who helped!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Polymer Clay Dragon Necklaces

Steampunk Dragon

Just playing around with different ideas, I finally though of doing an open winged polymer clay dragon. Both of these have a fiercer look than most of my dragons but I kind of like it. The big difference is what I did when they were finished.

When making them though, I wondered what to do with these, they would work as a focal bead. I decided rather than leave them unfinished, I'd just add add the chain to each wing. So for once I am actually making finished jewelry,  I sold the steampunk dragon already. They really seem to bring the magic to you. As always, I love custom orders, if you would like a slightly different one, check out my Artfire store to order a custom one.