Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working Hard for the Money

Just had a job interview in Manhattan, that took all day- 2 hours getting there, I admit I got a little lost on some of the streets so that added time. It was snowing this morning, my MP3 player died about 10 minutes into the train ride there. I remembered to  bring but forgot to charge it. Actually it was the light rail to the PATH to the subway and the a little bit of a walk. The actual job is close by but it sounds like a great opportunity and a big step toward project management. I can do Manhatten but it's not really my first choice. Now to hope the company likes me- this was just to the recruiter.

Taking a deep breath. I left today about 9 and returned after 2. Long day of travel and waiting for the interview and filling out forms. The interview only lasted about 15 minutes but it sounded optimistic. God I want to be working again. Unfortunately being home hasn't made me clay more, I just ate junk food and watched TV. I really need the outside force of going to job to make me move. And I like being around people. That's my fantasy for now even if it doesn't involve clay.

Just saying I made this little dock worker. I think I posted another a week or two ago. They're part of set. Now that's one job I don't want.

And to anyone reading this, if you have a twitter account you can nominate @ArtFire for a Shorty Award in #innovation  here: be sure to add a becasue or the vote won't count

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