Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting It Right

Like this little dock worker, I'm going to keep on trying till I get this blog right. I had someone helping me this week, she made the button and the favicon- the little FC image in the address bar. I still am continuing to work on getting it just right. Unfortunately I'm going to have to get the things in my life right again too. I'm back in the job market again, trying to convince someone else to hire me. It's just like selling but now you're selling yourself to someone, convincing them you are the one who is worth having.

Wouldn't it be nice if people were banging down my door to hire me, and also to buy my polymer clay pieces. Well I'll have some free time to do more clay stuff in the next few weeks, so that is at least one bright side. Keep on heaving and hoing like this tough little dude lifting his crate. Actually he is a game piece for a board game, Le Havre , a set of 5 and 5 matching ship are available in my store

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