Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working Hard for the Money

Just had a job interview in Manhattan, that took all day- 2 hours getting there, I admit I got a little lost on some of the streets so that added time. It was snowing this morning, my MP3 player died about 10 minutes into the train ride there. I remembered to  bring but forgot to charge it. Actually it was the light rail to the PATH to the subway and the a little bit of a walk. The actual job is close by but it sounds like a great opportunity and a big step toward project management. I can do Manhatten but it's not really my first choice. Now to hope the company likes me- this was just to the recruiter.

Taking a deep breath. I left today about 9 and returned after 2. Long day of travel and waiting for the interview and filling out forms. The interview only lasted about 15 minutes but it sounded optimistic. God I want to be working again. Unfortunately being home hasn't made me clay more, I just ate junk food and watched TV. I really need the outside force of going to job to make me move. And I like being around people. That's my fantasy for now even if it doesn't involve clay.

Just saying I made this little dock worker. I think I posted another a week or two ago. They're part of set. Now that's one job I don't want.

And to anyone reading this, if you have a twitter account you can nominate @ArtFire for a Shorty Award in #innovation  here: be sure to add a becasue or the vote won't count

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Handmade Valentines

These pretty little hearts,made by TheWhatKnotShop on Artfire are just a hint of what you can find for your Valentine on Artfire. If you want to give more than usual chocolates and want to give something special, check out the Valentine Gift Guide. I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the number of original and unique Valentine gifts, treats and jewelry you will find.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting It Right

Like this little dock worker, I'm going to keep on trying till I get this blog right. I had someone helping me this week, she made the button and the favicon- the little FC image in the address bar. I still am continuing to work on getting it just right. Unfortunately I'm going to have to get the things in my life right again too. I'm back in the job market again, trying to convince someone else to hire me. It's just like selling but now you're selling yourself to someone, convincing them you are the one who is worth having.

Wouldn't it be nice if people were banging down my door to hire me, and also to buy my polymer clay pieces. Well I'll have some free time to do more clay stuff in the next few weeks, so that is at least one bright side. Keep on heaving and hoing like this tough little dude lifting his crate. Actually he is a game piece for a board game, Le Havre , a set of 5 and 5 matching ship are available in my store