Sunday, December 6, 2009

I got something done!

Well I was looking add my to-do list and I didn't get it all done but I knocked out a chunk
  1. Finish meeples
  2. Finish unicorn
  3. Start the CloudCatcher class
  4. Rewrite tutorial
  5. Make the dragon Christmas ornaments for my aunt and sister-in-laws. 
  6. Get to the FlakeFlinger Class
  7. Make Stone beads(easy once I get the distressing powders)
  8. Write article for other blog
  9. Try to stay sane and work on now clay stuff too.
You can see I finished the unicorn. I am NEVER doing another all white project again. It was a mess and too annoying to deal with. I used an off white because pure white is impossible but still, I was going crazy. When my daughter saw it, she asked if I could make her a unicorn too, I told to take that one, she replied but the next one will be better- well as far as I am concerned for now there will be no more unicorns. We'll see.

Meeples just have to be packed and I rewrote the pixie tutorial, it is more complete and will be posted on . I added the directions for the wings, how to make the hands and other details. Once the full tutorial is posted, I'll give you the link.

I also took a nap and watched Dirty Jobs today, oh and food shopping, not much else. Tonight I'm watching Alice on SyFy channel(I think that's how they spell it now), should be better than Giant Shark vs Mega Octopus or Ice Spiders. Now to go get ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Love the unicorn! His face is so expressive.


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