Friday, September 18, 2009

--Best Books for Beginning Sculptors

When people critique craft books, they usually pick the newest, most colorful books, often geared to sophisticated techniques. I'm going the other way. I'm going back to the beginning, and it actually my beginning. This is the book that got me started, Create Anything with Clay by Sherri Haab and Laura Torres, they also authored the  The Incredible Clay Book.

The Incredible Clay Book looks much cooler and if I had found it, I probably would have bought it. So since I have no real experience with it, I can't say much but it seems to be on the same level as Create Anything with Clay.

Both come with a set of polymer clay so it is a great to get started. The age on both says 5 and up. Believe me, I was in my early thirties and I had fun with it. It really starts at the very beginning. The projects are quick, simple and teach some basic techniques of sculpting and assumes nothing.

The only tools mentioned are toothpicks and something to use as a rolling pin. If you are unsure of trying either of these books will bring the clay to you on a fun level. Remember every journey has to start somewhere, I still feel lucky I saw that book almost 10 years ago, it opened the doors for me.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to try their hand at polymer clay and who wants to have fun. The pictures are bright, directions easy to follow and the books are sturdy. They also make great gifts. I bought Create Anything for my niece a year ago for her birthday and she never stopped. On Amazon they are less than 15.00 a piece. Great deal for clay and fun.

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  1. Thank you for the compliment on my fish! The Incredible Clay Book was the one that gave me my start, and I still look at it once in a while for inspiration.


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